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How to Use Advanced Search

Advanced Search searches the “keyword” indexes for Places, People and Subjects (as in the Browse indexes).  The search is not case-sensitive i.e. you can put Cow or cow and get the same result.  If you are unsure of the spelling or there are different spellings you can use the wildcard character % for one or more unknown letters. For example to find records associated with Midgley or Meigley, enter M%gley in the place search.

Search within Specific Keywords:  

Enter your search terms in the appropriate boxes e.g. Heptonstall in the Places box: Haigh in the People box: cow within the Subjects box.  If you enter terms in two or more search boxes, then the search will only find records which have ALL of these terms within the record.       

Keywords – contains (drop-down menu): If you enter more than one word in a box,  the search finds records where ALL these words occur within a single keyword.  So, putting bowl milk in the Subjects box will find records with the keyword Milk bowl but not those with only the keywords Milk, Butter bowl, Milk jug etc.       

Keywords - is exact (drop-down menu):  As above, but will only find the exact phrase.  Thus milk bowl would find records with Milk bowls, but bowls milk would not.

Search within All Keywords       

Keywords – contains (drop-down menu): If you enter more than one word in the box, the search find records where ALL of these words occur somewhere within the document keywords, not necessarily in the same keyword.  So, putting bowl milk in the box will find records with at least one keyword containing milk e.g. milk, milk jug, milkman and at least one keyword containing bowl e.g. any of the following keywords: bowl,  butter bowl, bowling  (It would also find a record containing, for example, both Bowling Green from Places, and Milkwell from Names).   

Keywords – is exact (drop-down menu): Will search all the keywords to find only the exact phrase you enter.

Tip for family historians

All people mentioned in the documents are listed, for example Broadbent, Mary: daughter of John Firth of Bank Bottom  (John Firth, in the same record, will also be listed as Firth, John of Bank Bottom).  Hence, to find all records containing a specific person, use Search within Specific Keywords, select Keywords - is Exact on the People box, then put in the exact phrase, Broadbent, Mary or Firth, John

However, if the names have alternative spellings, this may miss records..  You may prefer to use Browse for People, which shows alternative spellings and provides more information on location and relationships to guide your search.